Awkward (2011)


     Awkward is a show about 15-year old wallflower Jenna Hamilton(Ashley Rickards) who gets a confrontational letter about how “she could disappear and no one would notice.” She gets rattled enough to take some steps out of her comfort zone and also winds up being stuck in very awkward situations (this is more of an understatement). How awkward? She becomes mistaken for an unstable, suicidal teenager because of an accident, gets involve in complicated relationship problems, and has to deal with how she perceives her family sees her (a load of baggage). Pretty typical socially awkward teenage situations? More or less.
Matty, Ming, Tamara
The show is portrayed in first-person, blogger style c/o of the show’s protagonist Jenna Hamilton.
Some things that I would like to note about the show:

Asian Mafia
I’m not sure if this organization even exists, since I’m Asian and have never heard anything about it. BUT awesome! It paints being Asian into really cool light: a ninja/political superpower. Maybe they do exist, but they’re so good at hiding their existence that other fellow ordinary Asians don’t deserve to know of their existence (i.e. Me…)

 Lissa and WWJD
Lissa is the bestfriend/posse of mean girl Sadie Saxton. She’s worth mentioning since she is presented as being a Christian and a slut at the same time. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I think she’s crazy. I don’t know if it’s the shows parody of American Christian girls but please Lissa, if you want to be a slut just go all the way and stop trying to act like Christianity is a set of rules that you can find loopholes to just to excuse you from acting like a slut. You’re welcome.

 Team Jake
Oh, definitely Team Jake! He’s cool, funny, smart, attentive, sensitive and not afraid to show how he really feels. Jenna probably either had a temporary lapse of insanity or she picked a heart over mind thing. But seriously who would refuse Jake?

Season 3
I heard that there would be a new season following season 2. Watching the show’s season finale pretty much had a resolution about most of the concerns of her life. I wondered then: what would they show in season 3? Since I felt pretty satisfied with the resolution, what I would look forward for in the show would be the back story behind Jenna’s mom and dad, Jake and Tamara’s romance and Ming’s plot to overthrow the Asian mafia. Sorry, but I’m not really looking forward to encounter more emotional rollercoasters of Jenna and her love triangle.
Awkward group pic

I will not comment so much on the love triangles and how sex is a bit overboard in the show. I prefer to look at all the other details that makes this show interesting. Awkward or rather Social Situations that would make “Awkward” an Understatement is a flashy cliché teenaged show complete with the drama and comedy one would look for if you’re into that sort of thing.


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