Thoughts of a College Student That’s Halfway In


     I’ve started college over 2 1/2 years ago and it’s been a heck of a ride since then. The college experiences that I’ve had are numerous. One thing’s for sure, there’s been almost never a dull moment in this ride. I’m halfway through and I can’t believe that it’s only halfway more before I finish. I don’t know what to appreciate more: all the college experiences that I’ve accumulated or whether I would prefer to finish up with college already since it’s been driving me up the wall. I have to remind myself that after this is done, I most likely wouldn’t get to experience youthful things like this anymore.

The Before

Some very notable things that I will remember:
1.      People I share a class with
There will always be classmates that will be memorable, whether in a good way or not. I’ll remember the freeloader/cheater that always manages to breeze through a class with no sweat at all and it makes you wonder: does karma exist? There will be the popular people, the student body achievers, the people always on The List (The Dean’s List), the people who never study but even get higher grades than you (like “what the heck?!”).

2.       The Professors
Even if I don’t want to, these memories of my professors will never cease to remind me that life is unfair and life is full of colorful personalities. There will always be the prof who never teaches but acts like he does (c’mon man!). There’s the ever absent prof who just gives quizzes when he happens to be in class. There’s the prof with the high-standards who expect us to know it all. (Hear the bitterness in my tone)?

But one cannot forget to mention the few good and cool profs that exist to actually teach and are ever patient with the students. Even if they are part of the minority, they deserve to be mentioned and will always be part of the college experience.

3.       The Workload
As an architecture student, let me tell you that when people refer to us as non-sleeping, caffeine addicts, this statement is mostly true for the majority of the population (yours truly included). I think we’ve even come to appreciate the value of sleep more than the things we learn.  The reason being is that the workload given is truly heavy—when they said heavy work load during 1st year, they weren’t kidding. The workload can be in tandem with the bunch of demanding profs all setting deadlines on the same week/day. It may be a conspiracy of how they connive to deprive us of the much needed sleep but they have succeeded.
The After

Thus these three main points have come to sum up the college experiences I have thus far. Let this even serve as somewhat of warning to the freshmen.  How about yours? Let me know about your college experiences. 


Danelle Abreu at: November 23, 2012 at 7:16 AM said...

I'm also an architecture student before. I shifted to another course because I can't take the sleepless nights anymore. But now I'm starting to regret. hahahaha. Anyway, I love your blog! :D

Time to Chill at: November 25, 2012 at 7:02 PM said...

haha, thanks! :) aww, yeah sleepless nights are stressful in the college that never sleeps but it's become a way of life. hahaha

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