Creativity is Distracting


   I was browsing around the web today and saw the pic above. It caught my attention because of the beautiful typography (and besides the fact that these words are adjectives for delicious food). I must say that I’m a sucker to things that I admire; every time I see beautiful artistry my creativity takes the front seat to try and create something new. Proof: After seeing the typography, I recently installed Adobe Illustrator so I can try to create one too—the word “try” being the operative word here. :)

     I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that every time I see something awesome the creativity rises in me to create something wonderful. The good part in this is that I get to try a lot of things; the bad part is that since I’m trying so many things everything seems half-assed. I want to try so many things! Photoshop, Illustrator, Auto CADD, Revit Architecture, Watercolor painting, oil painting, photography, mixed media, etc. What is better then: jack of all trades or master of one? I really don’t know.

     It just makes it all random since creativity runs in different things. All the different media of creativity is so wonderful that I want to try most of it. It probably doesn’t help that I’m in a school that’s exposed to the various arts. I keep seeing different works of art in our college building: sculptures, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, scaled models, sketches, photography, advertisements. It’s all so distracting! Creativity in art is like a huge bowl of with the different varieties of candy that I don’t know what to pick. I know in my heart that I should focus more on the architectural side of things like Auto CADD since I am taking up an architectural course after all but what am I doing? Typography.

     It’s probably a heart over mind thing, a creativity versus rationality battle. It’s my spirit running free, tired from all the drab architectural gobbledygook and ineffective professors. For now, I think I’ll let the creative spirit run wild until the rational side of me takes over, which is when school starts. So after the extensive justification of my actions, yay! Typography! :D


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