A Wild Foodie Appears


What i will become
     I’ve only started my blog like around a week ago, and I can say that I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot—writing, changing the layout, thinking of topics. It’s so funny since I’ve just recently become a blogger (and been dedicated about it) I’ve noticed that I started to act different with the people I’m around with.

     How different you may I ask? Well, not a stuck-up “I’m better than you” attitude that’s for sure. It’s more of a strange behavioral change. Previously, they thought I was just a happy foodie with a hearty appetite who appreciates food in general. So they were pretty to this side of mine.
     Recently, they’ve found me really—weird. It’s like suddenly after a few weeks of not seeing me, I’ve suddenly transformed into one of those people who take pics of their food, looks at the menu very intently, asks what all the condiments are, spouts all the foodie facts (believe me I’ve been doing my research); the list can go on and on. The thing is that my I haven’t told them about my having a movie/personal/foodie blog (I’m quite an introvert in real life).

Pretty accurate representation of a foodie
     Frankly, I find it amusing. It’s like I’ve found this new part of myself: my foodie self. I mean I’ve always appreciated food so why not go all the way? I think part of the reason that they find it weird is that they don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing; I told them that I’ve decided to have take up an interest in food photography and documentation of  all my food fetishes (okay, weird excuse). They got so concerned that they thought I would bail out on my course (architecture) and shift to culinary so that I can become a professional food critic. They don’t need to worry, though. I don’t plan on leaving my course anyhow. :)  

     I’ll just leave my amusement to myself until I tell them about the blog. I’ll keep them wondering, for now. They’ll get used to me soon I hope. I’ll post my recent visit in a burger place and how that was. In the meantime, I’ll just share this amateurish-blogger-foodie experience with you. Do all bloggers start out this way or is it just me? Haha, let me know.  :D


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