The Prince and Me (2004)


       Okay, so I’m still on a romantic comedy streak right here: The next on my must-watch list is The Prince and Me. A nice fairytale story—big change from Hawaiian themed 50 First Dates. Watching different romantic movies like this with all sorts of plots just goes to show that: you can find love anywhere—idealistic as it sounds. <3

    In the Prince and Me, Crown Prince of Denmark (Luke Malby) can be considered as an immature spoiled brat who doesn’t want to face responsibility. He then goes to Wisconsin after having a vague idea that Wisconsin is full of wild college girls willing to take their tops off.  He disguises himself as foreign exchange student “Eddie” and meets the girl that’s too good for him Paige Morgan, extremely focused with goals to get to prestigious John Hopkins med school to be a doctor and help people in depressed areas. (I think Julia Stiles really has a good handle on this role). :)

  Opposites attract and like the words of Paige’s mom “chemistry doesn’t only exist in the classroom.” This movie is more romance than comedy; it attempts to bring together elements of elegant and sophisticated royalty of Edvard’s family with the rough and tough, hardworking and down-to-earth Wisconsin family of Paige—how is that even possible in real life? :O

     I feel the palpable chemistry between Paige and Edvard. I also feel that actress Julia Stiles and Luke Malby sincerely have chemistry. I like how this movie is delicate and sweet whilst trying to bring out how Edvard changes from a boy to a man by actually trying to work for something that he wants. I enjoyed watching the college scenes since I am in college myself. Although this movie is unrealistic and can only happen one in ten raised to the hundredth for that one lucky girl, it’s still nice to see it like looking at it from the sidelines—like if this happened to someone I knew, I couldn’t be any happier for her. :)

       Another part that I liked is when Eddie goes home to Wisconsin for thanksgiving with Paige. Also, Zoren, royal assistant of Eddie gets to let himself go a little and gets obsessed with the XBOX. But over all, it was more about Eddie and Paige and their royal family (gotta admit not really a fan of overly traditional royalty).

I recommend this soundtrack:  “It doesn’t get better than this” by Katy Fitzgerald. Very catchy tune. :D :D


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