Indulging on A Rest Day


spoonful of ice cream!
     Ever since I entered college, things have been fun but stressful. My schedule is so full at times that it’s hard to manage time wisely. Apart from that, there are almost no weekends for me or rest days (unless there’s school suspension due to typhoons) where I can rest and indulge myself while chilling. Now that it’s my 3rd year in architecture school, things have gotten tougher. 3rd year for us is the toughest year in college so I’m a bit apprehensive about this year. With more stressful times to come, I looking for spare time here and there to relax and indulge (and sleep of course).

ice cream description
     The perfect opportunity came for me last November 30. I was so busy getting carried away with the pile of work the day before that I didn’t realize that there was no school the next day. I was glad! I get to indulge and relax for awhile before going to school the next day. I did something that I’ve been craving to do since a week ago. I bought a whole pint of Selecta ice cream Double Dutch to eat for myself. The perfect way to chill for me that day. I took some photos before savoring it.
double dutch swirling about

more description

      This is not a paid advertisement but Selecta can give free ice cream if they want. :p My honest to goodness feedback from eating Selecta is that it’s a rich combination of vanilla, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chip and chocolate fudge. Yum! I really enjoyed it since Selecta wasn’t skimping on the ingredients. I felt that I got my full money’s worth for only Php150 (I think it’s cheaper in the supermarket  unlike the 24-hour convenience store where I bought it from).

Just random musings of Selecta from a satisfied double-dutch lover. Really recommend this—the perfect way to indulge. I might try Vanilla Almond next time. 


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