Amateur Photography: Christmas Tree


   Just a random day after school, me and a few of my friends decide to stay after school to look around the campus. It was a big deal for me since I usually go straight home after school. It was a beautiful night, very nostalgic and the first time the huge Christmas tree was lit up in the school campus. As the days go by numbering the days before Christmas, we get excited.

huge Christmas tree

     Our school takes Christmas seriously just looking at the Paskuhan festivities that we celebrate every year. Our University is famous for the Paskuhan event—that one time in the year where thousands of people flock together(people from other universities, too) to enjoy the lights, hangout, listen to famous bands and ultimately get lost and frustrated with so many people around (I am half-joking). You can tell UST’s so into it by the amount of lights and d├ęcor placed all around the school grounds. Hope I can take photos around next time to show the different school decoration. And fireworks, can’t forget the fireworks. Fantastic fireworks display that will make your neck hurt by looking at them for a long time.
Tree during the day, taken with point and shoot
tree newly lit, taken with DSLR
cool star decor inside the tree

     Before Christmas vacation, the Paskuhan is such an anticipated event that just by the lighting the Christmas tree, everyone gets all excited. My friends and I joined in with the other passersby in taking photos of the newly lit Christmas tree. We took turns using my friend’s DSLR which she was so generous enough to lend. We even got a bonus when the technicians allowed us to take photos INSIDE the Christmas tree! Anyway, it was my first time handling a DSLR (specifically a Nikon 3200) and it was quite fun actually handling the camera and playing around with the different settings to capture the moment. Still not used to the experience, I hope I can buy my own so that I can play around with it. In this post are attempts to shoot with a DSLR first time. Please leave comments and reactions! :D 


Tyler, Ink. at: November 30, 2012 at 10:56 AM said...

Hi Time To Chill, that is a beautiful CHRISTMAS Tree! Sorry, I only emphasize the Christmas because in the US it seems with every passing year they take every measure possible to un-religify the holidays and everything possible, which REALLY irritates me. When I was young they stopped saying "Merry Christmas" and started saying "Happy Holidays" instead in public, because Christmas has the word 'Christ' in it, and this year they started calling all Christmas Trees 'Holiday Trees.'

Anyway, great pictures, especially the first and last one (I like the close up/somewhat abstract look) What is that tree made of, it almost looks like a sculpture? I love photography too, I was in a film photography class a while ago where we had to use a dark room to develop, have you ever gotten the chance to do that? It's very fun, but also very expensive. I hope to get a Sony Alpha NEX-7 sometime soon too for the DSLR convenience. (I would get Nikon, but Ashton Kutcher bugs me (Nikon's Spokesman)

Time to Chill at: December 2, 2012 at 6:10 PM said...

Hey Tyler, thanks for your comment! That's such a sad thing that they try to secularize everything in the US. I mean isn't the whole point of Christmas Christ's birth?

Thanks for the compliment! It's my first time trying to handle a dslr and I hope to get better at it. I think the tree is made from some local organic material to make it more Filipino. Our school really goes all out with the decor during Christmas season which is fun and makes the campus look really pretty. :D

Cool, i want to go to a photography class too! Only appreciating photography now even it's hit and miss with taking good photos. Never tried to do the whole dark room thing--that must be a privilege for you. Might get Nikon because of the good performance (never knew Ashton Kutcher is the spokesman).

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