Thesis It! Summer 2014

This is gonna be my life for now. #thesisit (Credits not mine)
It's the toughest year yet!

Life has been crazy with school, internship, and well LIFE. So much has happened; by the time I knew it--it's 2014! It's still summer season right now for our school although most people have already started going to school. But this summer is not an ordinary summer. It's the summer  before my last year in college and when I start working on my thesis! Our architectural program has a thesis requirement for graduation and we have a bunch of stuff we need to do before the next school years starts. So it's a play-work kinda thing right now. I hope it all goes well (fingers crossed). #Thesisit #College

I realize I haven't posted in awhile but I hope to continue. I've been watching several series along with working on my thesis (and napping haha). Also, I want to review a new phone that I just bought. I also want to jumpstart the "Food Section" here. I hope I'll be able to do all these things amidst the hectic workflow, so I'm just writing to update the blog and readers and as written things-do for myself.

So long for now. Cheerio!


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