A Visit at Salcedo Market: Monster Burger Review



I made a visit to Salcedo Weekend Market at Makati for a certain school project. I was really excited to go since I’ve heard so much about the place being a haven for fresh organic produce and products that I got up at the crack of dawn to visit (not quite the crack of dawn).

Salcedo Market met my expectations in the organic goods department. As I looked around the food available, I fortunately stumbled upon a certain stall called Monster Burger. Since it was near brunch time, I decided to give it a try. They only offer quarter pounders and half pounders which is totally what I look for in a burger. So here’s what I think of the Monster Burger quarter pounder.

Look at these bad boys!

Price: I was quite surprised. For a quarter pounder, it was only priced at Php90; the half pounder was Php175. Judging from the burger’s appearance, I thought that it was actually underpriced since it looked so big and delectable.

First impression: The burger patty was grilled in one of those old-fashioned circular grills that’s very popular in the US. As a result, there were grill marks on both the black sesame seed bun and the burger itself. It looked appetizing with the juices spilling as it was being grilled, and I could smell the aroma of the burger which doubled my appetite. The burger was served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mayo and ketchup prepared right before your eyes and neatly wrapped up in a paper package. They have additional toppings like cheese for Php25 but I didn’t opt for it on my first try.
Upon holding it, it didn’t feel flimsy like other burgers but solid. Probably because the burger patty was jampacked instead of spread out wide and thin. It felt like I was holding an honest-to-goodness burger in my hands before the first bite.

Taste: The mayo and cucumber complemented the burger really well. The black sesame seed bun was just fine, and I liked that it was still a little crispy from having just come out of the grill. The burger was really meaty, tender and chewy but a little bland and dry for my taste. Maybe I should order mine medium well next time so it can be juicier. And a little extra seasoning wouldn’t hurt.

Overall, Monster Burger was definitely worth the price and is a must-try. I just wished I had iced tea and fries with me so I could’ve enjoyed it more. Anyone who visit/is planning to visit Salcedo Market (and Legaspi Market on Sundays) should head to their booth to try out their Monster Burger for their monsterpacked burgers.


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