A Blogger’s Dream: Julie and Julia (2009)


      I first got to watch this movie because of my friend code named Camach, Match, etc. Actually when you look at most of my movie posts it’s all mostly her suggestion since I don’t really know what nice movies are there to watch (yes, I used to live under a rock). So if you’re reading this Camach, this is your cameo moment and awesome movie suggestion by the way. :D Anyway, when she found out that I’ve started a blog recently she suggested that I watch it since it might serve as an inspiration for me and it had nice French, cultured feel to it.
      Well, she was right. I really got inspired to do blogging more after watching this movie. Julie and Julia is a movie based on a true to life account of Julia Child and Julie Powell. The movie was portrayed in a way that’s sort of interconnected to see how the two characters are alike even if the settings are way different. Julia Child (Meryl Streep) is an American housewife who is a pioneer in introducing French cuisine to the “servantless American cooks.” It started out when she was in France with her husband and wanted to learn how to cook French cuisine but couldn’t find any cookbooks in English. So basically she enrolled in a cooking class and learned the recipes, got together with some other people and made a cookbook that would “change the world.” Of course, the journey to her goal was a difficult one, but she persevered and got her book published Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
Julia Child (Meryl Streep)
     Julie Powell (Amy Adams), on the other hand, is a frustrated writer who can’t seem to finish anything. Her peers seem to have surpassed her in terms of success while she’s stuck in a dead-end job in a cubicle and living on top of a pizzeria. One day, she became determined to accomplish something once in her life; she gets a brilliant idea to start a blog that features her cooking all 524 recipes of Julia Child’s cook book in 365 days. A blog entitled the Julie/ Julia Project.
Julie Powell (Amy Adams)
     Watching this shows that the journey to our dreams is an arduous process. I say that it’s an inspiration since watching Julie and how she started, seeing her frustrations and her breakdowns—it’s a real account of what most bloggers feel like. From small beginnings, she actually succeeded in her goal and became a published writer and got her story be made into a movie; hence the Julie and Julia movie. It really is a blogger’s dream to be recognized for your efforts, to be read and for others to relate with what you are saying.

     Other than the blog, I loved the food theme being the foodie myself. The food she cooked looked absolutely scrumptious! Also, Julia Child was adorable especially when she was learning how to cook in Le Cordon Bleu—she succeeded in breaking what others thought was destined for failure and even got a cooking show! It’s just a shame that she didn’t recognize Julie’s efforts that actually served as tribute to her work.

           A movie for bloggers, foodies, and people who love the French touch—this movie is for you. Never give up; Carpe Diem! :D


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